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There’s nothing quite like the rich, warm lustrous look of wood blinds. But many times homeowners are uncomfortable selecting wood blinds for rooms where the temperature or humidity may be high or where blinds are exposed to the ultraviolet rays of direct sunlight. Alternative wood blinds have taken over the market. These blinds will not fade, warp or crack, which means they’re not only beautiful enough for the library; they’re practical enough for the kitchen.

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The most popular blind we sell, these blinds are perfect for homes in subdivisions. Great for houses that are not interested in pulling the blinds up everyday but rather leaving them down and tilting open and closed, great for maintaining privacy but allowing some light in as well. Some drawbacks, blinds are heavy so not meant to be lifted everyday, not recommended for doorwall applications. Gorgeous with upgraded crown valances. Tapes can be added to these blinds for a little more flair as well as a routeless option which is more room darkening.

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